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Psoriasis pathology mechanism


    J Bone Miner Res ; 27 11 :Nov.

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    By binding to the extracellular matrix protein collagen X and matrix vesicles, annexins were proposed to psoriasis pathology mechanism matrix vesicles in the extracellular space of hypertrophic chondrocytes to initiate the calcification of cartilage.

    However, mineralization appears to be normal in mice lacking AnxA5 and AnxA6, whereas collagen X-deficient mice show only subtle alterations in the growth plate organization.

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    We hypothesized that the simultaneous lack of AnxA5, AnxA6, and collagen X in vivo induces more pronounced changes in the growth plate development and the initiation of mineralization. Surprisingly, mice were viable, fertile, and showed no obvious abnormalities.

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    Hence, collagen X is needed for hematopoiesis during endochondral ossification and for the immune response, but the interaction of annexin A5, annexin A6, and collagen X is not essential for physiological calcification of growth plate cartilage. Therefore, annexins and collagen X may rather fulfill functions in growth plate cartilage not directly linked to the mineralization process.

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